‘Two years since my last release…Una Popsy go soon drop’ Wizkid promises new music

Global music megastar Wizkid has taken to his social media to promise his fans that he will be dropping new music soon.

Details: Afrobeats king Wizkid in a post on his Instagram Story revealed that it has been two years since his last release. He then proceeded to assure his fans that he will be dropping new music soon.

In the post on Wednesday, 17th August 2022, the Grammy winner posted“2 years since my last release and we still getting to it. Una Popsy go soon drop…soon come”. The post generated excitement from fans who have been desperately waiting for a new single from the megastar.

Should Fans be expectant?: Wizkid has a reputation for promising new materials before going radio silent. While his new comment might inspire hope considering that he’s due for a new single, precedents suggest that fans should manage their expectations.

At any rate, what’s certain is that the industry will be ready and waiting whenever Wizkid finally decides to put out new music

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