IGbo-Oluwo Estate | Vehicle Vandalization

Vandalization of five (5) vehicles in Igbo-Oluwo Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos State has been reported that important components has been removed from the vehicles and the security guards protecting the community cannot account or say a word to the situation.

The situation has been reported and it is not looking likely at the moment, all route leading to the estate has been blocked by youth protesting that the Community Development Association should replace the stolen parts of these vehicle.

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado belonging to a popular car dealer in the community was ripped off of its brain box which is a very essential part to the vehicle and other components as well was taken from the vehicle.
  2. Toyota Matrix belonging to popular influential youth named Eyes as well called Seye; was ripped of an exorbitant sum of money kept in the vehicle as well as the left back passenger glass.
  3. Lexux RX 330 was ripped also of its brain box
  4. . Other vehicles shall be uploaded in the next post on this page

The youths fear that if the cars cannot be protected from robbers, how possible are the children in the community safe from kidnappers. This issue cannot be resolved today as we have the Onyabo (Security Officers), Hon. Ninolowo, Ekoonpoint, the Estate Central Chairman, the Head of Security, families and friends of the affected, and other important high officers in the community head gate throwing words at each other.

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