Update | Igbo-Oluwo Estate | Vehicle Vandalization

Update on the Igbo-Oluwo Estate vehicle vandalization, the list of stolen items from the vehicles were listed by owners of the vehicles, the Estate Central Chairman proposed a meeting to address the issue on Saturday 3rd September, 2022; the youth frowned at this statement and stated “if the community is not ready to do anything to the affected vehicles, then we will be here till 11pm when all residents are back to address the matter, knowing that the gates won’t be open”.

Barrister Jerry Idowu raised a flag and stated that “this issue has happened previously in April 2022 and the youths tried to seal the gates as this but it didn’t hold for long, the community leaders were called upon and none surfaced to the situation until Oluomo came and said that the Omo-Onile in conjunction with the Community Development Association are going to amend the vehicles”

In April 2022, Oluomo was informed that this is not the first time such is happening in the estate, surprised was he. Oluomo proposed the idea to have OPC (Oodua People Congress) as the security agents for the estate.

Barrister Jerry Idowu went on and said that “we do not have any issue with the meeting being held on Saturday, but what is the assurance that the community leaders will not turn the meeting over like the previous times, all we want is for the community to write an undertaken stating that the meting will be held if no the youths are ready to man the gate again on Saturday and on Monday to ensure there is no movement as such and there are answers to their requests”

Members of households are now trekking from far distances to their houses as the sealing of the gates has affected so many routes to the estate, no one goes in and no one goes out, says the youth.

The youths are saying that peace should reign but how?

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