Crates of “33 Export” Shattered in Igbo-Oluwo Estate

Popular dealer of the Nigeria Breweries located at Salami Solebo Street, Igbo-Oluwo Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos State, faces huge loss as distribution trailer being overloaded with an addition of approximately 45 crates looses balance due to this overload.

The trailer is said to have a capacity of 750 Crates but due to the overload capacity of about 35 extra crates; the distribution trailer attempts to make a turn to Moshood Balogun Street, Igbo-Oluwo Estate; suddenly the trailer made a slight tilt to the left which led to the crates of the drinks (33 Export) being shattered on the floor.

This has caused a huge loss to the distributor as well as panic to the environment as shattered pieces of the bottles are ruminating the street while the whole environment is occupied with the odor of the beer.

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