Ekoonpoint Entertainment Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Director in person of Victor Omowale Anthony celebrates his birthday on this day 22nd of December.

From the Information and Communication Technology (ICT)/Media department, we have a short note to publish about the CEO…

You should sit back and relax even if it’s just for today. May all of your wishes come through continuously. We wish you a very happy birthday our CEO, may God bless your days.

A little Throw back to 2021 – Our CEO Ekoonpoint Entertainment/Lounge63 Games

A short exhortation about our CEO, Mr. Victor Omowale Anthony is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lounge63, which is an exclusive citation for gaming activities and relaxation. He is a talent investor, a promoter, an event planner/manager, an artist manager but above all things, he never sees the needy and rejects them… he is a philanthropist.

Ekoonpoint, Eko where you dey, if you know you know, no go dey zuzu; it goes down on my G’s connect, 001 Seasider. We appreciate all your doingz boss. Chop life and live long.

Without any further ado, please celebrate with us on this glorious day, like Eko will say in his words “I thank you all for believeing in me, your support and love”.

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